Dan's November 2020 State Ballot Proposition and local ballot measure Voting Recommendations



14– YES – State Bond measure to fund investments in medical research relating to stem cells, and medical therapy for brain-related diseases, including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. 


15 YES – Will require larger businesses to pay their fair share by closing a 40 year old loophole in Prop. 13. The additional revenue will provide support for our schools and for city services. Reforms the commercial side of Prop. 13 only, with exemptions for small business property owners. 


16– YES – Repeals Prop. 209, thereby allowing us to bring back meaningful affirmative action to provide equity and fairness for all. 


17– YES – Helps ensure that people who have served their time are able to vote just like all other citizens. Engaging in democracy is part of full reintegration back into civil society. 


18– YES – Overdue correction that will allow 17 year-old citizens who will turn 18 by the general election to vote in the same year’s Primary election. Democracy for our youth!


19– YES – Modifiesproperty tax to benefit older, disabled and wildfire victim home owners when they purchase or build a new home. New home sales activity could increase revenues for fire protection services and local government services.  


20– NO – Takes us backwards on criminal justice reform. Even if you believe that one or another portion of this initiative sounds appealing, it overall still sends us in the wrong direction. It will lead to putting some small-time, non-violent offenders in state prison for years—with fewer rehabilitation programs available no less. Thank you Jerry Brown for opposing this. 


21– YES – Important initiative to give cities and counties additional tools to protect more renters from displacement and keep rents from skyrocketing. This is a good compromise measure that reforms the anti-renter Costa-Hawkins law to allow for broader renter protections. Don’t believe the blatant lies paid for by the real estate industry.  


22– NO – It doesn’t get more self-serving than this. Uber, Lyft and Door-Dash are spending tens of millions to mislead you so they can continue to exploit drivers by paying them as little as possible. Prop. 22 takes us backwards in terms of respecting drivers. And it would require a ridiculous 7/8 vote of state legislature to amend and fix the problems in this initiative. 


23– YES – The big chronic kidney dialysis companies are blatantly lying so their profits will continue to go up. This initiative just requires that a licensed physician be present when clinics are providing treatment, requires dialysis clinics to report all infection data to state and federal regulatory officials, prohibits clinics from closing without state approval, and prohibits denial of treatment base on source of payment (i.e. they can no longer deny timely treatment to people who are on Medi-Cal or Medicare just because private insurance pays more). This is an important consumer protection initiative that deserves to become law. 


24– no recommendation


25– YES – This allows a new state law to go into effect that will end the long-time money-based bail system and institute a system based on public safety and flight risk. 


Local Ballot Measures:


Alameda County Measure V – Yes


Alameda County Measure W – YES – County sales tax increase to help fund services for homeless residents in Oakland and throughout Alameda County. 



OUSD Bond Measure Y – YES – OUSD Bond Measure to re-build, renovate, retrofit and repair our public school facilities. 



Oakland Ballot Measures


 QQ – YES – Engages high school age students in our local democracy by allowing 16-17 year-old citizens to vote in Oakland school board elections. 


 RR – YES – Lifts 50+ year old antiquated cap on code violation fines in order to deter illegal dumping, blight, and on-going public nuisances. Seeks to help city hold accountable repeat illegal dumpers and larger businesses and who flaunt the law.   (Dan Kalb is the author of Measure RR) 


 S1 – YES – Cleans up and strengthens our Oakland Police Commission Charter law by adding helpful provisions including a civilian inspector general that reports directly to the Commission and other staff resources.   (Dan is a joint author with Council President Kaplan) 


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Los Angeles County Measure J – YES 


Orinda Measure R – Yes