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"Oakland council approves plan for new parcel tax to pay for homeless services, parks," The San Francisco Chronicle

“This is an opportunity for us to do more than we’ve been doing when it comes to maintaining and enhancing our parks,” said Councilman Dan Kalb. “We have been underfunded when it comes to park maintenance and trees and gardeners and cleaning up our parks, picking up our litter.”

"Bay Area CCAs Solicit 30MW of Distributed Batteries to Weather Grid Outages," Green Tech Media

"We have a lot to do," he said, "including additional policies and regulations to further reduce heat-trapping emissions; hardening of our electrical transmission and distribution system; improved dedication to effective vegetation management, more clean energy locally, and serious consideration of taking over elements of PG&E by creating new public power authorities.”

"Oakland City Council to vote on cut in business tax on marijuana sales," The San Francisco Chronicle

The Oakland City Council will vote Tuesday on an ordinance that would lower the current business tax rate by nearly half for big recreational cannabis enterprises and even more for smaller ventures.

The ordinance would amend the current business tax rate of 10% for recreational businesses in a “progressive fashion” on a tiered basis that takes into account the size of the project, said Councilman Dan Kalb, one of the bill’s authors.

"Oakland schools’ restorative justice saved for now, thanks to city," The East Bay Times

The City Council voted Tuesday to give the district $690,000 to pay for the restorative justice program — which helps students resolve conflicts and figure out positive alternatives to discipline — as well as $510,000 to pay foster youth case managers and fund school libraries. ...

Council members Sheng Thao, Noel Gallo, Rebecca Kaplan, Dan Kalb, Nikki Fortunate Bas and Loren Taylor voted in favor of awarding the grant, and allowing the city administrator’s office to figure which city funds to use for it.

"Fixing Oakland’s Death Traps," East Bay Express

Last week, the Oakland City Council voted to move forward with an ordinance that requires landlords to seismically retrofit the most dangerous soft-story apartment and condo buildings. Soft-story structures lack adequate foundation support, most typically because they were built over garages or commercial uses. Experts say they’re the most likely to collapse in a strong earthquake.

“The bottom line is that we want to save lives and reduce red-tag buildings and therefore displacement,” said Councilmember Dan Kalb of North Oakland, who has pushed for legislation on soft-story buildings for several years. “We’re not going to eliminate the damage a major earthquake will cause, but we can significantly reduce it.”

"Oakland officials want mandatory soft-story seismic retrofits," The East Bay Times

“I think it’s absolutely essential that we talk about housing all of the time because we need more of it … but we also have to protect the housing that we already have,” Kalb said.

"Oakland City Councilman Helps Rescue Stabbing Victim While Out For Coffee," CBS 5

“The four of us were trying to distract this guy and get him away from the person, and we threw some luggage at him. We threw some stuff at him, we yelled at him, and at some point he turned around and started to point the knife at us,” said Kalb. ...

Kalb says Oakland has a lot more work to do to reduce crime, including reducing 911 wait times. He was put on hold for at least two minutes before he spoke with a dispatcher.

"Oakland’s new Police Commission has high hopes for fixing city’s force," The San Francisco Chronicle

“We need to get to a point where everybody, no matter the color of their skin or their neighborhood, trusts the Police Department and officers, and we’re not there yet,” Kalb said. “When you’re talking about public safety and protecting people’s rights and reducing crime, it’s not surprising the Police Commission will be the most crucial city commission we have...”

"Dan Kalb - Global Issues, Local Impact," Breakthroughs: The Magazine of the College of Natural Resources, Spring 2017

"Dan Kalb (BS 1982, Conservation of Natural Resources) has spent his career fighting for big issues—environmental justice, clean energy, stewardship of our natural resources—both on the public-interest-advocacy side of the equation and, more recently, as city council member for Oakland’s District One. Last November, he was reelected to a second term with an overwhelming 80 percent of the vote..."

“Oakland Votes to Block Large Shipments of Coal,” The New York Times

“Oakland cannot afford to ignore the scientific evidence that clearly show the harmful effects and risk associated with coal,” said Dan Kalb, a City Council member who proposed the ban along with the mayor, Libby Schaaf. “With this new law, we’re taking the steps needed to protect our community, our workers and our planet..."

“Bay Area Jews join SFO protest against Trump’s immigration ban,” The Jewish News of Northern California

Oakland City Councilmember Dan Kalb went to SFO to protest and was cheered by what he saw. “I think the Jewish community was well represented at this and other airports around the country.” He said. “If one community comes under threat, we’re all under threat. We’ve seen this before. We can’t let it build up. We have to stop it now...”

“Ringling Brothers return to Oakland — without elephants,”

Kalb said that when the council voted to ban bullhooks:

“We knew this would go nationwide but we didn’t know it would happen sooner than we expected...”

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