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Dan's Ballot Measure and

State Proposition Voting Guide

Oakland Ballot Measures:

  H – YES – OUSD parcel tax extension to benefit high school students 

  Q – YES – Affordable Social Housing authorization

  R – YES – Gender-neutral Charter language

  S – YES – Non-citizen Parents voting for School Board

  T – YES – Progressive Business Tax

  U – YES – Affordable Housing and City Infrastructure Bond

  V – YES – Just Cause Renter Protections

  W – YES – Fair Elections Act

  X – YES – Local Govt. Charter Reform

  Yno recommendation – Special Parcel Tax for Oakland Zoo 


CA State Propositions:


    1 – YES – State Constitutional Amendment Protecting Right to Reproductive Freedoms! This is our opportunity to loudly defend reproductive rights in our state. Absolutely vote YES!


   26 – NO – Expands gambling options at tribal casinos and allows unlimited sports betting at privately-owned race tracks and all tribal casinos throughout California. We already have way too much gambling in our state, and the tribes that would benefit from this are the ones already bringing in huge sums of money—mostly from lower-middle-, middle- and fixed-income residents. Gambling addiction is a serious problem and this would make it worse. Vote NO!


   27 – NO – Allows on-line (and mobile) sporting gambling anywhere in California—except while on tribal lands. This is in-state gambling on steroids that will mostly benefit just a few out-of-state gambling corporations. Big-time sports wagering should not be easy and allowing it on-line would invite a huge increase in gambling addiction. They try to buy support by setting aside a small portion of profits for homelessness programs. Don’t be fooled. Vote NO!


   28 – YES – Provides dedicated funding for public school arts and music education above and beyond the existing Prop. 98 constitutional public education set-aside. The additional amount would be equal to 1% of the Prop. 98 budget set-aside. School-site principals would be in charge of developing the school plan to spend these new funds. Arts and music education often is the first to get cut in challenging budget years. This will help keep those educational offerings in place. Vote Yes!


   29 – YES – This is patient protection initiative that is being strongly opposed by the big dialysis corporations. Here is what it would do: Require all dialysis clinics to have a physician, nurse-practitioner, or physician’s assistant be on-site during treatment hours (specified exemptions can be applied for allowing tele-health); requires the clinics to report all infection-related information (aggregate data, not specific patient info) to the CA Dept. of Public Health (CDPH), which would be made available on the CDPH website; requires the dialysis clinics to disclose to their patients the names of all the physicians who own at least 5% of the clinic; requires dialysis clinics to get advance CDPH permission to close their operations, based on disclosed financial records; prohibits dialysis clinics from refusing care to a patient based solely on the source(s) of payment. This is not the first time that an initiative similar to this is on the state ballot. Health care clinic workers and many dialysis patients support this initiative. Vote Yes!


   30 – YES – Income tax increase (1.75%) for twenty years for people making more than $2,000,000. This is an environmental initiative to reduce transportation sector GHG emissions, improve air quality, and promote wildfire suppression/prevention. 80% of the funds will be spent on helping move toward a Zero Emission Vehicle future by reducing the cost of clean vehicles—including cars, buses and trucks, installing electric vehicle charging stations in more locations, and programs that improve air quality. At least half of these funds must be spent for lower income residents and in communities with poor air quality. 20% will be used to help state firefighters address wildfires and assist with vegetation management to help prevent fires in the first place. Fact sheets can be found here. Vote YES. Endorsed by American Lung Association, Coalition for Clean Air, California Environmental Voters, and many more public interest organizations. See endorsements here. Vote YES on 30


   31 – YES – Voting Yes means that the new law that bans the sale of flavored tobacco products will go into effect as already passed by the State Legislature and signed by the Governor. Voting No would repeal the law and allow these unhealthy products to be sold. These flavored tobacco products are heavily marketed to teenagers. This referendum, which would repeal (by voting No) this health-based law was put on the ballot by signatures paid for by the tobacco industry. Vote YES. 


Other local Ballot Measures in Alameda County:

  D – YES – Alameda County Agricultural Lands Preservation

  L – YES – Berkeley infrastructure and housing bond

  M – YES – Berkeley residential vacant property tax

  N – YES – Berkeley public sector low-income housing authorization

  O – YES – Emeryville Real Estate Transfer Tax


Los Angeles Ballot Measures: 

  LH – YES – Public sector affordable housing authorization

  SP – YES – Parks and recreational facilities parcel tax

  ULA – YES – Initiative to fund affordable housing and tenant assistance programs through an increase in the real estate transfer tax on properties sold for more than $5M. 

  LA – YES – L.A Community Colleges bond measure to fund repairs/upgrades of facilities, remove lead paint and asbestos, and fund job training programs. 


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