Protecting our environment and promoting clean energy

Protecting the Environment and Our Neighborhoods

“Councilmember Dan Kalb has been a true champion for environmental health and justice in the East Bay. He stood up to corporate polluters and led the fight to ban coal into and out of Oakland. Dan continues to enact policies that promote environmental stewardship and create good green jobs for our residents. The Sierra Club is thrilled to support a leader like Dan Kalb to represent our communities.”

— Michael Brune, Sierra Club Executive Director


Dan has spent much of his career developing policy and leading advocacy campaigns to promote clean energy, implement effective climate solutions, reduce air pollution, fight for environmental health and justice strategies, defend the rights of animals, and protect our parks, waterways and open spaces. Dan also believes that by growing our green economy, we can create more good, green jobs for residents while protecting the environment for generations to come.

Sadly, the Trump administration is seeking to undo hard-fought environmental laws and regulation at the behest of polluters who have taken over the EPA. Now more than ever, we need a Councilmember like Dan who can continue to enact bold, progressive policies to protect the health of our communities, help those who need assistance the most, and stand up strong to the anti-science and anti-environmental assaults from the Trump Administration.

Dan is a board member and past president of Stop Waste—Alameda County’s Recycling and Waste authority—where he helped push through a substantial expansion of the county’s plastic bag ban. Dan is also the current Vice-chair of East Bay Community Energy, where he is advancing local efforts to increase our use of renewable energy. Dan is also a Commissioner on the Alameda County Transportation Commission.

Prior to holding elected office, Dan:

  • Helped lead the effort to stop the SFO runway expansion out into San Francisco Bay

  • Fought to protect sensitive Bay Area habitat and open spaces for future generations

  • Worked as a grass-roots campaign organizer to help elect pro-environment candidates to public office

  • Promoting the increased use of clean energy for electricity

  • Worked to enact public financing of campaigns in California

  • Was a lead environmental advocate for the law that required at least one-third of electricity to come from clean, renewable sources. Worked in a broad environmental-labor-consumer coalition

  • Wrote the state law to require that a certain alternative transportation fuel be made from clean sources

  • Created and wrote state law to require labels on new cars for sale with rankings of greenhouse gas emissions and smog emissions, which was so successful it was subsequently adopted by the federal government

  • Lobbied for passage of AB 32—California’s landmark Climate Protection and Clean Energy law—and worked on the first AB 32 scoping plan

  • Lobbied in support or SB 1368 (Perata) that effectively phased out new coal contracts for electricity in California.

  • Lead sponsor and advocate for bill by then-Assemblymember De Leon to restrict the use of offsets for compliance with AB 32

  • Student leader in the 1982 Stop the Canal campaign

  • Campaigned for strong Bottle Bill laws

  • Worked in coalition to reduce Air Pollution in impacted communities

(partial list)

On the City Council, Dan:

  • Banned coal in Oakland by stopping a coal export terminal which would’ve brought more than nine million tons of coal through East Bay each year

  • In collaboration with the climate change group, passed the law to divest Oakland funds away from fossil fuel companies

  • Diverted food waste from landfills by implementing mandatory compost bins in multi-family buildings

  • Fought for animal protections by leading and passing legislation to ban bullhook torture on animals

  • Successfully pushed Oakland retirement funds to divest from fossil fuel companies

  • Secured funding for further reducing stormwater trash as required to meet state Water Board mandates to keep trash out of the Bay

  • Passed a resolution against shipments of crude oil and other fossil fuels by rail

  • Immediate Past President of StopWaste—Alameda County Waste Management Authority. Lead successful effort on the board to expand the County’s Plastic Bag Ban

  • Leader to create a County-wide Community Choice Energy Authority. Currently, vice-chair of the East Bay Community Energy authority

(partial list)

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