Resolving Our Housing Affordability and Homelessness Crisis

Dan knows that high housing prices and rents are displacing long-time residents in Oakland – changing the character of our communities and making it harder for people who work here to live here. And the pandemic has created another layer of challenge to say the least. Dan has been, and continues to be, a strong and consistent leader in the fight to bring more housing to the East Bay, especially for our lower income residents, and to make sure our renters are protected from unfair displacement.

As a City Councilmember, Dan Kalb has been successful in securing millions of dollars for affordable housing and passing laws that provide protections and services for Oakland renters to help prevent displacement. Dan also has put greater focus on homelessness prevention as the most cost-effective strategy to reduce the number of people living on the street.

Housing Affordability – Working to Protect the Fabric of Our Communities

With the dissolution of Redevelopment Agencies throughout California, cities lost millions of dollars in development resources that had in years past helped with building more affordable housing. This, along with other factors including the increase of people moving to parts of the East Bay, have led to a shortage of available and affordable housing in Oakland. Dan has been a consistent champion of affordable housing in Oakland and the East Bay.

The first law Dan authored as a new Councilmember in 2013 was allocation of 25% of the annual redevelopment ‘boomerang’ tax funds toward affordable housing. That action alone has secured millions of dollars that is now being used for new affordable housing construction in Oakland.

Protecting Our Renters

Dan authored Oakland’s landmark Tenant Protection Ordinance and has consistently and successfully secured funds in the city’s budget for legal services for lower income renters. He successfully pushed for reforms that will limit rent increases even when upgrades are performed. He also supports changing state law (Yes on Prop. 21) to give local cities more authority to protect their renters as they see fit.

Oakland is not an Island

As a Councilmember and the official representative to the League of California Cities, Dan sponsored resolutions in support of State housing bills and lobbied and testified at the State Capital. These bills have provided additional funding and protections.

On the Oakland City Council, Dan:

  • Secured millions of dollars towards affordable housing by allocating an amount equal to 25% of the former redevelopment tax ‘boomerang’ funds towards affordable housing

  • Authored Tenant Protection Ordinance in collaboration with Causa Justa : Just Cause

  • Co-authored our Emergency Eviction Moratorium

  • Collaborated with the city staff on the Housing Equity Roadmap, which outlined policy options and strategies to help guide the city in addressing housing crisis

  • Authored reforms to limit rental pass-throughs so tenants would not receive large rent increases that could lead to displacement

  • Spearheaded adoption of first-ever development impact fees in Oakland on market-rate developers to mitigate the impacts of new development by providing additional funds for affordable housing, transportation and city infrastructure (parks, libraries, etc)

  • Advocated for several key state Affordable Housing bills—including inclusionary zoning, housing bonds, protections for renters, and the improving specific planning process for new affordable housing plans

  • Serves as an active member of the League of California Cities' Housing and Economic Development policy committee. He is also a board member of the Local Govt. Commission.

  • Authored our local law requiring seismic retrofitting of soft-story apartment buildings to save lives and prevent displacement

  • Supported laws to facilitate new Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

  • Campaigned for the county’s Affordable Homes Bond measure to provide more funding for affordable housing in the East Bay

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