Promoting Public Safety, Improving Police Oversight, and Getting Guns Off Our Streets

Protecting the Environment and Our Neighborhoods

Crime prevention, reentry, criminal justice reform, reducing gun violence and keeping our communities safe are among Dan’s top priorities. On the City Council, Dan has actively supported community-focused policing, increased funding for violence prevention and reentry services, new laws to help reduce gun violence and an increased emphasis on investigating and solving serious an violent crimes including shootings, armed robberies domestic violence.

Dan knows that helping people in need and keeping our communities safe require smart investments in effective rehabilitation and reentry programs that provide education, job training and other resources to people in, and emerging from, the criminal justice system. After all, a good education and access to a decent job are the best deterrents to crime. Dan also knows that children who grow up in homes with domestic violence and abuse are more likely to commit violent acts when they grow up. That is why Dan will continue to shed light on family violence and work to reduce such violent behavior up and down the state.

Dan visited San Quentin prison in 2016 with then-State Senator Loni Hancock to review a few of their many inmate rehabilitation programs. One of Dan’s top public safety priorities is to identify dedicated funding for effective violence prevention programs. Additionally, he will put more focused attention on intervention and reentry efforts at home to improve people’s quality of life while reducing recidivism and violent crimes across the board.

Councilmember Kalb passionately supports strong regulations to control access to guns in our communities.

On the Oakland City Council, Dan:

  • Authored the landmark ballot measure to create a civilian Police Commission

  • Secured funding for additional crime investigators at OPD

  • Successfully worked to pass California’s smart-phone ‘kill switch’ anti-theft law to protect residents and reduce robberies

  • Authored the laws to require safe storage of guns in homes and ban the possession of large ammunition clips, and consistently supported measures to get illegal guns off our streets

  • Strongly supported increased investments in violence intervention and rehabilitation programs

  • Pushed to implement regional data-sharing of gun-related crimes in the Bay Area

  • Organized a public hearing on local efforts to curb domestic violence and help victims​​

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