Helping our Youth & Supporting Quality Public Education

Supporting Youth and Quality Education

Dan is passionate about public education and has worked hard to make Oakland City Hall a better and more engaged partner with our public schools. Before his election, Dan served on the Youth Leadership Strategic Planning Task Force for the Oakland Fund for Children and Youth. A one-time administrator at a Bay Area community college, Dan has been a committed advocate for public education throughout his professional career. Previously, he worked to promote innovations in science and mathematics education.

Dan is proud of the partnership he created with the school district and administrators to reduce chronic absenteeism and improve grade-level literacy, thereby helping to improve outcomes and equity in our public schools.

On the Oakland City Council, Dan:

  • Created an innovative partnership with Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) to reduce chronic absenteeism and truancy in our public elementary schools.

  • Sponsored the adopted resolution at the Oakland City Council to endorse bill to create tuition-free college for all eligible California residents (funded through a tax on millionaires).

  • Was named California Public Library Advocates’ 2015 Outstanding Elected Official for advocacy on behalf of Public Libraries. Championed city stopgap funding to keep school libraries open last year.

  • Supported the increased use of restorative justice and peer conflict mediation in the community and in our schools.

  • Met with D-1 School Board member Jody London regularly to discuss ways I and the City can help our schools.

  • Strongly promoting active attention by OakDOT to creating safer pedestrian routes to schools, and helped schools with infrastructure-related loading and parking issues.

  • Reads to elementary school children several times a year as part of the Oakland Public Education Fund heritage month outreach. Attends public school fundraising events regularly, and donates to their respective auctions.

Dan will continue to be an active partner with our public schools in North Oakland.

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