Combating Hate & Bigotry and Defending Our Civil Rights!

Increasing Ethics, Accountability, and Transparency in Government

We are living in challenging times with many of our neighbors under attack from the Donald Trump just because of who they are. Dan strongly believes we must step up our efforts to protect immigrants, stand up to subtle and not-so subtle forms of racism, combat discrimination and hate in all its forms, and make Black Lives Matter a reality in word and deed.

Dan believes in his heart and soul that all our residents and communities should be able to live and thrive with dignity, acceptance and respect, and without fear of harm.

Standing Up to Trump and His Ilk

As a life-long Democrat, Dan is supporting the Biden/Harris ticket and efforts to win back the majority of the U.S. Senate. Oakland needs willing partners in D.C. to work with us.

Our First Amendment

Dan is a passionate defender of the First Amendment. Our freedoms of speech, peaceful assemble, and to petition government for action must be preserved and defended. Dan is committed to maintaining the separation of church and state and defending the freedom of the free press – especially from a White House that attacks the press on a daily basis.

Combating Racism

Standing up to racism is nothing new for Dan. He knows racism can be blatant or subtle, with malice or unintentional, institutional or personal, and he believes all forms of racism must stop and that we must acknowledge inherent privilege and work toward evening the playing field. Too many people of color are being killed or harmed because of racism and police misconduct – Dan believes enough is enough. We must work to end this violence and hold those who inflict it accountable. Additionally, we must support Prop. 16 in order to make affirmative action a reality once again and repeal Prop. 209 this year.

Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia

Dan will continue to stand up against hate and discrimination of his brothers and sisters in the Jewish Community and our cousins of the Muslim faith. Dan has volunteered with interfaith groups, and believes that open communication and collaboration are essential to increasing awareness and finding solutions.

Protecting Our Immigrant Residents

Dan stood up to Fox’s Tucker Carlson and will always speak up for our immigrant residents. He believes that we should not be splitting up families and taking people away from their workplaces solely because of their documentation status. Dan will continue to stand up to the Trump Administration.

Homophobia and LGBTQ Equality

Dan has been a steadfast supporter of equal rights for LGBTQ residents, including when, as a college student, he spoke up against the Briggs Initiative. Dan will back initiatives and policies that support LQBTQ members and their families so that all Californians have the same opportunities to thrive.

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